Kitchen Utensil

Kitchen Utensil

FASAKA - 6pcs Nylon Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set
6pcs Nylon Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set - FASAKA
Wood kitchen utensils handle - FASAKA
 Nylon Wooden Kitchen Utensil Set - FASAKA
Wooden kitchen utensils manufacture - FASAKA

FASAKA - 6pcs Nylon Wooden Kitchen Utensils Set

Product Specification:
  • Type: Kitchen Utensil Set
  • Brand Name: FASAKA
  • Kit Number: 6
  • Material: Food-grade non-stick nylon
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  1. Product Details

*The Kitchen Utensils Set Includes:

1 x Spaghetti server: 13.9 inches

1 x Slotted spoon: 14.4 inches

1 x Spatula-turner: 14.3 inches 

1 x Slotted spatula-turner: 13.9 inches

1 x Spoon: 14.4 inches

1 x Half-spatula ladle: 13.7 inches



*Item Details:

  • Various kinds of function part for all kitchen use

  • Eco-Friendly wooded handle

  • Safe to use on all kitchen cookware

  • Made of high-grade, heat resistant nylon (max. 220°C).

  • Pass FDA standard



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