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What Is A Chef Knife Used For In The Kitchen


Published by May 25,2021

what is a chef knife used for in the kitchen

Somebody will not well understand what is a chef knife used for in the kitchen.

The simplest way to choose the kitchen knives is according to the functions. The most commonly used knives in western food are butcher knife, boning knives, bone-chopping knives, and multi-function knives.

For the brand of a kitchen knife, it depends on the different requirements. But in general, the cost of a Japanese knife is better.

The whole steel of a German knife is soft, that is to say, it needs to be sharpened frequently in the practical process, the sharpness is not enough, but it is not easy to crack, and the sharpening is simpler, a knife sharpening stick can solve it, so you need to choose according to your personal situation. Now let's introduce a kitchen knife

1. Chef Knife

Chef's knife is a comprehensive knife that can do almost all the jobs. It has a wide body and curved tip, which can cut the meat, seafood, and vegetables. If you only choose one knife, the chef's knife is the best choice.

There is little difference between butcher's knife and chef knife, and there is no big feeling difference in the using. So when choosing and buying, it can up to your style to buy.

what is a chef knife used for in the kitchen

2. Santoku

Compared with the chef's knife, santoku knife is shorter in length and has a much smaller curved tip, which is more suitable for women to use. It is more like a combination of Chinese sliced knife and chef knife, so it is suitable for Asians.

what is a chef knife used for in the kitchen


3. Nakiri

Compared with santoku, it is more like miniated-version Chinese slice knife, with lightweight but good feel, so it is more suitable for girls to use. It is very convenient for cutting meat or vegetables, because of the thin edges. But it is not as convenient as santoku and butcher knife for dicing and slicing Onions.

what is a chef knife used for in the kitchen

4. Deba

This is probably the most common Japanese knife. The blade is mainly used for rough processing fish, clean fish scales can also be used, broken bones, pieces of fish. Depending on the size of the fish, the blade size is different. 18 cm is enough for most families. The biggest feature of the blade is that the back end of the blade is very thick, so it is very strong and durable. 

what is a chef knife used for in the kitchen

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