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What Materials Are Available For Kitchen Countertops?

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    Published by March 10,2020


    We know what material utensils used in kitchen, but the kitchen and bathroom decoration are also important, if the design is not reasonable, will bring a lot of inconvenience to the user in the future. Today, we will tell you about the kitchen table decoration material and height problem.


    A. Granite

    Advantages: Granite density, high hardness, the surface is very wear-resistant; It has a good antibacterial property and it is easy to clean and repair.

    Disadvantages: limitations of natural materials

    Suitable crowd: users who love to use natural materials

    Environmental protection index: ★★★

    utensils used in kitchen


    B. The marble

    Advantages: relatively large density, high-temperature resistance; Anti-scratch performance is very prominent, good wear resistance.

    Disadvantages: There is a limit of length, even two pieces of stitching can not be integrated; Prone to rupture; Crack is difficult to wipe; It has certain radiation

    Suitable crowd: economic users who pursue natural beauty

    Environmental protection index: ★★★

    utensils used in kitchen

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