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(C) How To Clean Kitchen Utensils For Kitchen – Ceramic Tableware


Published by May 25,2021


1. Some common kitchen utensils that a lot of housewives buy utensils for kitchen.

but somebody like the other material utensils for the kitchen. Ceramic tableware is a bowl, spoon, and dish.

If it is newly bought porcelain, you can put them into 4% vinegar water immersion and boil. It can get rid of the most harmful substances.



utensils for kitchen


2. If the tableware with much oil and it is not easy to wash clean, you can try to use hot water to rinse and wipe dry flour wash. Finally, rinse with water again, then it will be clean


3. If a bowl of beaten eggs and leaves a very big smell, you can try to use a soak with cold water firstly, then wash with hot water; If washed in hot water at first, the smell will remain on the bowl.


common kitchen utensils

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