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What's the advantage of the price types of kitchen knife?

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    Published by March 10,2020

    types of kitchen knife

    The types of kitchen knife are mainly different in shape, sharpness, and material.


    The shape and center of gravity of a knife affect its grip.

    The balanced design of the high-end kitchen knife allows every user to instantly feel the light blade, comfortable grip, and incomparable sharpness.


    The types of kitchen knife sharpness affects the taste of the food.

    Japanese love sashimi, the pursuit of the extremely sharp knife, not because the ordinary knife can not cut, but the sharp knife can make the best state of the food, cut as smooth as a mirror, smooth mouth.

    The extreme sharpness can retain 100% of the original flavor of the food, and the cutting effect will not destroy the cell and tissue structure of the food as much as possible.


    Knife sharpness and durability, the impact of materials is decisive.

    The hardness higher, the knife sharper and the durability better, but at the same time the toughness will decline, novice easy to damage, and rust resistance will decline, maintenance difficulty will increase.

    Hardness, toughness and rust resistance are all related to each other. And the key hardness is determined by carbon.

    types of kitchen knife

    Knife hardness is usually represented by the Rockwell hardness scale of C. (HRC).

    The Rockwell hardness HRC of kitchen knife steel is between 55 and 65.

    Generally speaking, the hardness of Japanese knife is large, generally ranging from 60 to 62, the hardness of German is slightly lower, generally ranging from 55 to 58, and the hardness of Chinese knife is about 50.

    The hardness of the zirconia ceramic knife is the highest, not within the range of HRC.


    According to the advertisement, HRC is above 85, but what they fear most is falling and breaking easily.


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