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The Stainless Steel Material of Quality Kitchen Knives


Published by March 10,2020


The quality kitchen knives mainly depend on two things, one is the workmanship and the other is the stainless steel material.


Now the workmanship difference of big brand making a knife is not too much, the workmanship of high-temperature forging, low-temperature quenching and so on are generally popular, and when you buy the quality kitchen knives, it is the finished product, the process workmanship cannot be researched. Therefore, choosing the right stainless steel material is the most important thing.


The most basic standard of a quality kitchen knife is sharpness, durable sharp, durable with no rust. Therefore, now the stainless steel knife basically replaced the carbon steel knife and it became the mainstream.



For the material of stainless steel knife, the carbon content is low, the stainless steel material will be the softer, but the good toughness. It is easy to roll the blade but not easy to collapse. The carbon content is higher, the stainless steel material will be harder. The rigidity is better, so it is easy to collapse the blade but not easy to roll the blade. In addition, the hardness is higher, it will be more durable.

When the hardness is increased by 1 degree, the sharpness and durability can be increased by 20%, That is why the ceramic knife can avoid grinding all its life (but the ceramic knife is easy to crack).


Now some nice knife with big brands are all Markov stainless steel (400 series), the brands no. of different countries are confused but it can be compared in general.

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