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How To Clean And Maintain The Stainless Steel Knife Set


Published by May 25,2021

Every responsible and caring tool user should know the basic method of maintaining the stainless steel knife set. A well-maintained knife is your useful companion. Everyone wants to buy a stainless steel knife set and keep it in a new and perfect state.

But, we all know, once you start to use, you will not stop, also can not avoid the existence of dirt, the following we will introduce the matters of care about maintenance tools, let your knife set always keep sharp and good working conditions.

stainless steel knife set

*Pay attention to those problems in tool cleaning
1. Clearwater
2. A soft cloth or cotton swab.
3. Lubricating oil.

1. Rinse with warm water. Can add some detergent or soap powder, carefully on the tool salt, grease, dirt thoroughly clean, in the part of the tool rotation especially to clean up, and then clean with clean water.

2. Wipe clean with a cloth. Dry the tool with a soft cloth; Wrap a piece of cloth around a bamboo stick or cotton swab so that it can be extended into the details to wipe, or you can also wipe directly with a cotton swab. Finally, you can also use a hairdryer to cool the air, be sure to make it completely dry.

All right. You think this is over? 

We will tell you the final step in the latest Industry News.

stainless steel knife set

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