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Is The Silicone Stretch Lids Safe In The Microwave Oven?

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    Published by March 10,2020


    In the present, many people are use of microwave oven more and more frequently, but still they do not know exactly which material of plastic can be heated in the microwave oven?

    Today, we will according to the digital label on the package to identify it.

    silicone stretch lids

    Please recognize the label of PP5, before you heat the plastic box in the microwave oven.

    If you look at the bottom or side of a plastic lunch box, you'll see something like the triangle logo below.

    There are 1 ~ 7 numbers in the triangle, respectively representing the first to seventh types of plastics. They are made of different materials and have different taboos on their use.

    The number five plastic, polypropylene (PP), is the only one that can be microwaved. Such as silicone stretch lids to cover your bowl.

    silicone stretch lids

    The first type of plastic is PET, most of which are packaged in plastic bottles such as mineral water and beverage, which generally avoid storage by sunlight or high temperature.

    The second type of HDPE, used for cleaning supplies, bath products on the packaging, it is recommended not to recycle.

    The third type of PVC has the biggest problem. This material is prone to produce harmful substances at high temperature and in the process of manufacturing, which has been banned in many countries.

    The fourth type PE, used for plastic film, plastic film, etc. Be careful not to wrap the plastic wrap over the food and put it in the microwave.

    The fifth type of PP, mainly used for food boxes, can withstand the high temperature of 200 ℃, can be heated by the microwave oven, but do not put in the oven.

    The sixth class PS is often used in the bowl packing bubble noodle box, fast food box, chemical stability is poor, can be dissolved by a variety of organic solvents.

    The seventh category of plastics refers to plastics beyond 1 to 6 categories, which are mostly used in water bottles, cups, and milk bottles.

    silicone stretch lids

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