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The Differents of Santoku Kitchen Knife


Published by March 10,2020


Some people do not well understand the Santoku Kitchen Knife. They think is it same as the chef knife. But it is two different styles of knives.

santoku kitchen knife

The Santoku bouche, the Japanese name which literally means "three virtues," was invented by Japan. There are two interpretations of the Santoku Kitchen Knife. Others it's because good at cut into shreds, slicing, dicing and slicing. well, there are different answers in English and Japanese wikis.


Whatever the interpretation, it says one thing, it's a very versatile knife. (p.s. Although it can't cut meat and bones like our China chopping knife, it is convenient to handle fresh meat and vegetables)


But when shopping, don't confuse it with a chef's knife or butchers knife. From the appearance, they are really super similar. In the beginning, I thought they were just the same knife shape with different names, but when you look at them closely, they are quite different.

butcher knife

Blade radian from small to large is santoku kitchen knife < butcher knife < chef knife. Chef knife is the handle of western cuisine, butcher knife is mainly aimed at cutting meat, especially red meat, while three German knives are more versatile. They look so similar but have different functions, and the reason for this is that there is a history of inheritance.

Well, next article we will discuss about the santoku kitchen knife history and knife designs.

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