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(D) How To Clean Kitchen Utensils Set In Kitchen – Glassware


Published by November 05,2020


1, Somebody Sometimes will use the glass bottle to fill the oil, it will have a layer of grease in the end of the bottle and greasy in the bottle around. Don't worry about cleaning, as long as the method is simple.


2, Firstly, we can try to put some broken eggshell in the bottle, and then a few drops of detergent and pour some hot water. Now repeated shaking, and finally rinse with water, oil will be clean.


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3, Or we can try to put the baking soda water, or food alkali water into the oil bottle and shaking for a while, and then rinse with hot water.


Above are kitchen utensil set cleanness method. Well know different kitchen gadgets and utensil how cleanness. Just need a current method to be clean, no matter soiled or rusty, it can be all clean up well. Try it, you will feel the surprise.


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