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Do We Need A Professional Kitchen Tools To Clean?


Published by March 10,2020

                             Defrost of Cold room cleaning by a hair dryer


As the temperature of the freezer is low, it is easy to freeze. If the ice is too thick, never use a hard chisel or shovel.

So do we need a professional kitchen tool to solve this problem? NO!

In order to avoid damage to the condensate pipe, should let the freezer natural thawing and then wipe.professional kitchen tools

If you want a quick thaw, pull out the power and blow the ice out with a hair dryer to let it come loose naturally.

 tools for kitchen


                              Clean up dirt places in the freezer - detergent


The gap between the freezer and shelf box will be hiding something dirty. Rely on simple swab only, can oversight a lot of need clean place.

professional kitchen tools

Then, we need to the tools for kitchen use - detergent

Accordingly, can mix the essence that washes clean in water, load together in small watering can, gush a few first in the aperture that has bilge, brush gently with a toothbrush after passing two minutes brush.

tools for kitchen


Finally, wipe the inner wall with a dry rag.

professional kitchen tools

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