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What the real material made out of wood


Published by March 10,2020

There is some high-quality kitchen knife made out of the wood handle of ebony wood, high-quality ash wood, fir wood, and ironwood and so on.

made out of wood

It has a long history of made out of wood handle. The advantages are easy to use, process and comfortable to hold the handle.

The material of common handle wood is oak wood, ash, color wood, elm wood, birch wood, walnut autumn, ebony wood, pear flower wood, sand ironwood...

All these woods can be used for tool handles, but they are not ideal woods. The ideal wood must be both tough and beautiful texture, color and luster, which requires some special wood to do.

Color wood is born in such a background! Have the tenacity of high-quality lumber and beautiful grain already, also the price advantage of general lumber.

made out of wood

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