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The Kitchen Knife Sharpener - DKS Group


Published by March 10,2020


Only the ceramic knife can be grinding free (it seems that the tools used to grind it are difficult to make), metal knives all need to be polished, but the polishing cycle is different, some may need to be polished once a week, some once a few months, and some only once a few years.

knife sharpener

For grinding, we suggested the knife sharpener rod at first, a lot of domestic knives are blunt like to go up to the water tank edge or marble for grinding a knife. Actually, it just needs a knife sharpener rod to grind once a while, save time save effort.


Kitchen Knife Sharpener



Second, It is a Kitchen Knife Sharpener, what knife sharpener designs now is very humanized, much chamfer sharpener is more common, one chamfer cuts edge,  second chamfers coarse grind, third chamfers fine grind, the operation is simple and convenient, safe and reliable, the sharpener of woman old person.

knife sharpener

A good knife can make you love the kitchen.

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