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(A) How To Clean Kitchen Utensils Set In Kitchen -- Iron


Published by March 10,2020

kitchen utensils sets


We like to buy many many kitchen gadgets and utensil in the kitchen, not only the furniture but also the kitchen utensil set, those need to clean regularly. Otherwise, the bacterium bred.


We should think the method to restrain it. The first, seasonable and regular clean kitchen appliance to prevent contamination residue from affecting health.

kitchen gadgets and utensils


How to clean the kitchen utensil, this is not difficult. It depends on the product material. Please see the below method for your reference.


  • This kind of kitchen utensil set, mainly refers to the cooking with the iron pot, cooking spatula, and kitchen knife, they are not difficult to clean up, but easy to rust, therefore, after cleaning them with detergent, wipe them dry with a cloth, then they will not rust anymore.


kitchen gadgets and utensils


  • If the brush cannot be removed the paste pot after cooking, you can sprinkle some kosher salt slightly fried, and then use a brush, it is very easy to clean it; If the surface has rusted, can be used the potato skin to wipe the pot,  the rust will also eliminate.


kitchen utensils sets

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