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How to keep the wooden utensil clean


Published by March 10,2020

 kitchen utensil made of wood


1. Do not soak

Housewife people are after cooking, often have the habit that wooden eating utensil set gourd immerses in water, help go grease, but the kitchen utensil made of wood cannot be thrown in wash bowl trough to ignore, had used must wash immediately and wipe dry, prevent moisture to seep into among them.


2. Do not put it in the dishwasher or dryer

Wooden eating utensil set can not be put into the dishwasher, dryer, dishwasher a lot of moisture and dryer hot wind will make it more easily moldy, deformation, shorten life. If you take care of your wooden eating utensil set, don't be lazy! Wash with your hands.


3. Please use a soft spongy to clean

The kitchen utensil made of wood are not suitable for canola cloth or steel brush wash, in addition to may damage the surface of the paint coating, but also easy to scratch wood, cracks, let dirty infiltration capillary hole.


wooden eating utensil set


4. Be sure to dry after cleaning

Wash clean wooden eating utensil set had better wipe with clean kitchen towel immediately, put in indoor ventilated place nature to air dry; And attention does not let wooden eating kitchen utensils and appliances stack together, must be placed on the tableware rack, let each other maintain distance between utensils, prevent moisture condensation.


5. The save location is important.

Wooden eating utensil set and appliances must be placed in a dry, ventilated environment, and avoid faucet, oven, microwave oven and gas stove beside the damp, hot place, so as not to cause mildew; Additional, also cannot insolate below sunshine, can bring about likely otherwise be out of shape, chap.


6. Extend life base on the daily maintenance

There is sale on market a few are used to maintain the oil of the kitchen utensil made of wood and appliances of wooden meal technically.


wooden eating utensil set

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