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How To Use A Kitchen Knife


Published by March 10,2020

一、How to take a knife:


Kitchen knife uses: The right hand holds the knife, thumb natural bending, left hand on the food, fingers bending, with the first joint in the middle finger in front.

kitchen knife uses

二、Practice Methods:

1、How to use a kitchen knife:

Straight cut: for most vegetables, under the vertical knife, clean and neat.

how to use a kitchen knife


2、Kitchen knife uses - Push cut: generally used for soft food, such as most meat, straight under the knife, the shape of the meat will be out of shape. Push forward and lower the knife, you can cut a neat shape. For example, tender, fragile meat, should be cut along the grain, the texture of the older meat, muscle more meat, to the top of the grain cut (under the knife and vertical grain).

how to use a kitchen knife


3、Kitchen knife uses - Push and pull cut similar to sawing things, suitable for cutting particularly hard things, such as frozen beef, turnip; Or especially fragile food, such as bread or steamed bread.

how to use a kitchen knife


4、Kitchen knife uses - Hob: It means a long bar or column of food a turn over everything, cut down cycled.

kitchen knife uses

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