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Which Kitchen Cleaning Tools Is Better


Published by March 10,2020


Today, we will recommend some easy tips for kitchen cleaning tools to clean the kitchen tools. It is low cost and easy use.

A. The use of heat expansion and cold contraction principle to remove scale

A kettle that has been used for a long time will have a thick layer of scale on the bottom. Place an empty pot with the scale on the fire and bake. Immediately after the steam has evaporated, immerse it in cold water, not cold water. After thermal expansion and cold contraction scale and then fracture, fall off.


B. Use eggshell skillfully

The oil bottle that USES for a long time can accumulate a lot of oil dirt, in hot summer this kind of oil dirt still can produce a few disgusting peculiar smells. In this case, it is recommended to break the eggshells into small pieces and pour them into the tank with warm water. Rinse with clean water.


C. Wash the pan

Pans don't usually have a sticky coating. Pour in dishwashing liquid and wipe with a cloth. Do not use a hard brush or metal brush to clean.

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