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Kitchen Knife Blade of The Top Knives Kitchen


Published by March 10,2020

The edge of the knife can be sharpened to a cutting surface in a number of different ways. There are three main features:

  • What a cross-section looks like - the grind
  • Whether the edge is straight or serrated, and straight, curved or recurved - the profile
  • How the blade is constructed away from the edge - away from edge

kitchen blade

The less force you use to cut the same thing, the sharper you feel. In the case of similar drag coefficient of the kitchen blade surface, sharpness depends on the geometric shape of the kitchen blade.


The angle is smaller, the knife blade is sharper. Traditional Japanese top knives kitchen have an opening Angle of 15 degrees, while German top knives kitchen are 20 degrees, that is why Japanese kitchen knives are sharper.


High carbon steel kitchen knives are easy to rust. When the knife is not needed, it should be wipe and oil collection, there is a special protective knife oil can also be used in the kitchen convenient olive oil, castor oil.

top knives kitchen

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