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How To Clean Kitchen Tools And Equipment


Published by March 10,2020


Oven already became domestic kitchen to compare one of common electric equipment gradually, do roast, roast chicken, it is the needments of the kitchen tools and equipment.

But ovens are also prone to oil contamination, which can be difficult to clean due to their complex internal structure...How to clean kitchen tools and equipment thoroughly - Oven

A. Heat the vinegar and water in the oven to evaporate

The ratio of white vinegar to water is about 1:1, put it in a baking bowl or other acid-resistant and heat-resistant container, put it into the oven, turn on the oven and heat for 180 degrees in 15 minutes. To see whether the inner wall of the oven has steam formation, if there is less steam, the heating time can be extended appropriately.

When the oven is cool enough to remove the grease, wipe it with a damp cloth or kitchen towel. This will also remove odors from the oven.

This method is also applicable to clean the other kitchen tools and equipment - microwave oven: high and medium heat after 3 minutes to wipe.

Next articles we will discuss more tips of how to clean the kitchen tools and equipment - Oven

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