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Purchase Standard Of High Carbon Steel For Sale


Published by March 10,2020


Today, we will discuss about the other raw material of Santoku knife.

B. Rolled Steel

The rolled steel has two kinds of raw materials, one is Carbon Steel and others is Alloy Steel.

1. Carbon Steel

high carbon steel for sale


Carbon steel, it means high carbon steel.

Due to the high carbon content, its hardness is larger than pure iron, very sharp.

But the rust resistance is poor, so made into kitchen knives, need to be treated carefully, used up in time to dry, when the weather is wet need oil rust resistance, and in order to maintain sharpness to often sharpen the knife maintenance.The representative carbon steel is the Amlai steel developed by Hitachi, which is divided into three series: white paper, blue paper and yellow paper (now obsoleted).


More than 90% of the Amlai steel in Japan is made by hand by knife makers, which retains the tradition of knife making to the greatest extent.

After many years of knives development, carbon steel knife is mainly produced in Japan, in the market is not as famous as German alloy steel, but the sharpness is better.

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