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Santoku Knife With High Carbon Stainless Steel


Published by March 10,2020

Alloy Steel

Alloy steel is added with other alloy elements during smelting to achieve the purpose of wear resistance, high strength, and corrosion resistance.

Like VG10, Damascus steel, powder steel are a well-known alloy steel. VG10 carbon content in about 0.95% to 1.05%, chromium content in 14.5% to 15.5%, can be said to be high carbon stainless steel;

Damascus steel is made by folding and forging two different kinds of hard and soft steel, which has both sharpness and toughness. Powder steel, which is used for the highest end line of various products, has a carbon content of up to 1.5%, which is even sharper than carbon steel and is much higher than VG10 in price, which can even be twice as large.

And there is clip steel.

For example, Damascus steel, the center blade core is made of harder steel, generally AUS-10 and VG10. Some knives are made of tri-compound steel, like the "clip steel" in the picture above, with hardcore and rust-resistant steel on both sides.

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