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How Hanging Kitchen Utensil Set Well?


Published by March 10,2020

hanging kitchen utensil set


A lot of people are used to putting kitchen utensils in drawer, or put in pan and fry spoon, close lid, this also is unfavorable maintain dry.


Cutting board or other kitchen utensil easy to absorb water, surface scratches and cracks, often hidden fresh food residue.

If not thoroughly cleaned and improperly stored, food residues can rot and cause bacteria to multiply.



To solve these problems, between condole ark and ambry, or the place that is convenient on the wall installs a strong horizontal bar, go up in horizontal bar jacket hook, the kitchen utensil set after cleaning, cooking, the hanging cooking utensil to wait to hang above, can drain water so;

Hang dishcloth and towel wiping a hand in the one end that is farther from these appliance, install a stronger hook in the other end of horizontal pole, also hang cutting board or other kitchen utensil, can assure its are dry so cool.



 hanging cooking utensils


The method that USES this kind of horizontal pole to hang a cooking utensil still can make the kitchen maintains neat, all sorts of the appliance are picked up very handy also, it may be said kill many birds with one stone.


What need to notice is, place in ambry also can be stained with dust when natural air is dried, should be rinsed carefully before using clean.


hanging kitchen utensil set

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