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Cool New Kitchen Gadgets with Wheat Straw Material


Published by March 10,2020

cool new kitchen gadgets

The annual output of rice in the world is about 5680 million tons, and the weight of rice husks accounts for 20% of rice, which is equivalent to the annual output of rice husks in the world of about 113.6 million tons.

Rice husks, like agricultural waste, are not easily digested by the earth. Most of them are incinerated and made into the feed to be processed. While resources are wasted, a large amount of carbon dioxide is produced, which pollutes the whole natural environment.

different kitchen utensils

The rice husk is regenerated and transformed into cool new kitchen gadgets and different kitchen utensils which is purely natural and does not contain any harmful substances.


A cool new kitchen gadgets and different kitchen utensils are made from wheat straw, wheat crop straw are contained in the cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin, among them: cellulose can be used as a papermaking raw material, can also be used as a suppression of wood fiber, can make up the lack of wood resources, decrease the amount of wood cut, increase the forest coverage rate, make the ecological environment to the benign development;

cool new kitchen gadgets


Therefore, wheat straw as the raw material made of the composite material, renewable, biodegradable, Terminal degradability, safety, low carbon environmental protection, can replace traditional PET plastic and can be used as a high-grade environmental protection material to production a cool new kitchen gadgets and knife, tableware, children's toys, baby supplies, automotive plastics, food packaging bags, etc.


different kitchen utensils

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