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Odour Removal Of Cooking Knives


Published by March 10,2020

The cooking knives cutting the fish and the meat every day.  

No matter if it is cheap cooking knives or expensive kitchen knives, it will be contaminated with a fishy smell, so the taste of the dishes will be affected.

If you want to wash it, but I've been using a lot of dishwashing liquid to clean it, and it's not working. How do you solve this problem?
Today, we will recommend some tips for you for odor removal.

Tips 1: use the fire, first with salt dust wipe or wash the kitchen knife with cold water, and then put the kitchen knife on the fire to bake, can remove the smell of the kitchen knife.

Tips 2: Use the ginger, the ginger slices on both sides of the kitchen knife repeatedly wipe, can remove the cooking knives smell. 

Tips 3:  Vinegar, use a small piece of cloth or cotton group dip in a little vinegar on the cooking knives wipe back and forth, also can remove the smell of the kitchen knife.

Tips 4: Lemon, Cooking knives on the smell of lemon peel can also be wiped.

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