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Cooking Knife Set of All Kinds Kitchen Knife


Published by March 10,2020


The kitchen knife is a kind of kitchen utensils. A cooking knife set for kitchen uses every day. The main use is to cut food. There is a stainless steel and iron knife, also is Chinese Kitchen Knife, Japanese Kitchen Knife, and Western Kitchen Knife (Slicing Knife). A good Kitchen knife will make you fall in love with cooking. It must be choosing a good cooking knife set when cooking.


A. Cooking Kitchen Knife Set Style

Western-style kitchen knife:

It's usually a knife or chef's knife, and it's also equipped with a variety of knives to perform special functions such as bread knife, peeler knife, salmon knife, steak knife, juicy knife, etc.




Japanese-style kitchen knife:

The Japanese especially emphasize the coordination of tools and work. There are five kinds of the most commonly used: thin blade knife, out blade knife, willow blade knife, ox blade knife, and sande knife. Japanese people like to eat sushi and sashimi. Therefore, a thin blade knife can cut very thin slices.


Chinese-style kitchen knife.

Slicing knife, bone cutter, These kinds of knives all look like big size knife, the difference is the Angle of cutting edge and the thickness and the weight.


Slicing knife: the blade Angle is small, the blade is thin, the weight is light, the cutting is more brisk, not suitable for cucumber, patting garlic, cutting frozen meat, bone chopping, etc.


Bone-chopping knife: When Chinese people eat poultry and fish, they usually pick out the bones by themselves, and prefer to make and process some spare-rib dishes. Therefore, there is a bone-chopping knife with big blade Angle, thick blade and heavyweight, which saves time and effort in bone-chopping, chopping and slapping and is proficient in everything.

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