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Have You Known The Micata Handle For Colorful Kitchen Knives?

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    Published by March 10,2020

    What are Micata Scales? The last article, we talk about the other handle material of G10. 

    What Is The Best Handle Material Of Custom Kitchen Knives

    Micata is another great way to compare handle materials.

    Its structure is similar to that of the G10, although it USES linen or paper products rather than fiberglass layers. But this makes the handle very light, even lighter than the G10.  It looks better than the G10 and has great durability.

    If you're not careful with your grip, you can damage the miccata handle and cause scratches or scrapes. To prevent additional damage, oil the handle regularly.

    Micata's surface feels smooth, and if you don't like the smooth feel, you can also make texture on the handle that has grip power. If you like carving your knife handles, Micata is a good material.  It is unlike the G10, when Micata was exposed to cold weather outside, the joystick did not turn cold;

    colorful kitchen knives

    It won't be very slippery in wet conditions. Micata is usually made by hand, so the price of colorful kitchen knives is higher.

    Micata can also be made in several different colors of colorful kitchen knives and a good choice when looking for a knife that can customize its appearance.

    Conclusion G10 and Micata are excellent materials, depending on your preference, and if you don't want to miss out, you can buy two different kinds of tools with different handles. They are light, tough and versatile in any application.

    Determine your environment and when to use the knife to choose the material you need. You will find that no matter what material you choose, you will be happy with your knife.
    colorful kitchen knives

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