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11 Secret Of The Chef Knive By FASAKA

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    Published by March 10,2020

    Today, we will keep to discuss the secret of the chef knive.

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    11 Secret Of The Best Chefs Knifes By FASAKA


    Q: What kind of knife gets through security?

    A: Nail clippers.


    Q: Are blunt knives and scissors safer than sharp chef knive and scissors?

    A: Sharp chef knive and scissors can be dangerous (especially if the user is not careful), but dull knives and scissors are often more lethal. Dull knives require more force and have a poor sense of cutting.


    Q: How to choose a good sharp knife?

    A: First, depending on the steel hardness, 3CR < 5CR < German steel < 440A < 9CR < AUS-10 < VG10 < M390;

    Generally speaking, the blade Angle is small with high sharpness, but it depends on the purpose of the knife you bought, if it is a bone knife, the blade Angle should not be less than 25°.

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    Q: How do you handle sharp cutlery like knives, forks, and peelers in a home with a baby?

    Answer: Knife, fork, peel knife and other sharp cutlery should be placed in the baby's reach, or lock them up.

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    Q: Is Japanese kitchen knives better than German knife?

    Answer: This can not be generalized, no matter which country the product has the low, medium and high level, specific analysis of the specific problem, so take a specific knife to compare. Generally speaking, Japanese kitchen knives pursues sharpness, while German knife stresses balance and utility.


    Q: Do you need a meat knife to cut frozen meat?

    A: The knife has small serrated edges that make it easier to cut frozen meat, but you still have to wait for the ice to melt before using the usual kitchen knife.

    japanese kitchen knives

    Q: Is high carbon steel knife or stainless steel knife good?

    Answer: High strength professional chef can choose carbon steel, ordinary household stainless steel save trouble.


    Q: Why is the steel clip process used?

    A: The blade steel is hard but brittle. It will crack due to its lack of toughness when it is subjected to the reaction force, so the outer layer is wrapped with "soft steel" with good toughness to withstand the huge reaction force. In short, steel clips are durable and easy to wear.

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