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The Chef Knife Handle of Best Quality Kitchen Knives


Published by March 10,2020


best quality kitchen knives


Some people have seen the best quality kitchen knives has two different handle structures in the knife shop.

Today, we will talk about one of chef knife handle structures firstly.


Full Tang,It means the integral tongue blade, full keel knife, best quality kitchen knives are like this.

A full tang also increases the amount of stock metal in the chef knife handle of the tool which can be beneficial in change the balance point of the tool since the blade of a knife is often quite heavy compared to the handle.

chef knife handle

A full tang knife generally allows for increased force leveraged through the chef knife handle against the resistance of material being cut by the blade, an advantage when used against harder materials or when the blade begins to dull.

best quality kitchen knives

Adding weight to the handle of a knife to offset the weight of the blade moves the rotational balance point back toward the hand where it can be more easy to do the great effect.


Next article, we will be talking about other handle structures of the best quality kitchen knives - partial tang. Please expect it!

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