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Alloy Steel Knife Of Ceramic Chef Knife and German Chef Knives


Published by March 10,2020

Well, according to the previous articles of Santoku kitchen knife as below:

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We found that the summarize of sharpness, rust resistance and maintenance as below:

Sharpness: ceramic knife > carbon steel knife > alloy steel knife, this is on the premise of the same cutting edge Angle.

Rust resistance: ceramic > alloy steel > carbon steel knife, ceramic undoubtedly will not rust;

Generally, the surface of the alloy will be treated with anti-rust treatment, or the blade heart will be protected with steel with good anti-rust property, which will not rust after cleaning at ordinary times; Carbon steel knife needs careful care, use up must wipe dry, wet weather to oil.

Maintenance: ceramic knife > carbon steel knife > alloy steel knife, maintenance is determined by the hardness of the tool, the higher the hardness, the less easy to be blunt.


Polishing: alloy steel knife > carbon steel knife >ceramic chef knife

Alloy steel, such as domestic steel, German chef knives rod can be quickly polished, about once every two or three months;

A knife with the hardness of VG10 and HRC60 requires a grindstone. Carbon steel knife is a must use a grindstone, and the knife sharpening technology requirements are high, do not sharpen the knife accidentally hurt the blade. Ceramic knife general material also grinding, by the manufacturers to provide after-sales maintenance services.

In a word, a ceramic knife is suitable for cutting fruit, carbon steel knife is suitable for a professional chef, and alloy steel knife is suitable for general family use.

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