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The Best Kitchen Knife Steel of Carbon Steel Kitchen Knife


Published by March 10,2020

Today we will continue to explain the material name of the chef knife uses steel.


Contain carbon above 50 basically is clip steel. Carbon content is greater than 50, because the hardness is too high, the blade is easy to break. In order to solve this problem generally will use clip steel to do the knife.


carbon steel kitchen knife


It means that the middle steel core part with high strength (high carbon high chromium) material as the base material, both sides with good toughness low carbon material, through high temperature composite production.


 best kitchen knife steel


70Cr17, 80Cr17: tri-alloy steel core material, high-end material of domestic knife, can be used for a long time after grinding.

90Cr18, 90Cr18Mov, VG10: the top material of domestic knives, also the clip steel series.


carbon steel kitchen knife


Of course, It has a higher-quality knives, but they are a luxury item.


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