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Published by March 10,2020

Today we will explain the material name of the chef knife uses steel:


20Cr13: the common material of low-end carbon steel chef knife is low in carbon content (the first number 20 represents the ten-thousandth ratio of carbon content, which determines the steel strength;

The last number 13 is the percentage of Cr chromium content, which affects the corrosion, sharpness, and durability; the old number is the thousandth ratio of carbon, such as 2Cr12 and 3Cr13).


chef knife uses


30Cr13: This is the medium material of most mainstream carbon steel chef knife in China, with medium sharpness and durability.

It was very sharp when we bought it, but it will not be used for a long time, so we need to grind it frequently.


40Cr13: This is the middle-end kitchen carbon steel chef knife material and the carbon content is improved than the medium material , but the overall performance is not obvious effects of the chef knife uses.



 carbon steel chef knifechef knife uses


In the next article, we will focus on the several other high-end steel materials. Coming Soon!


chef knife uses

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