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Purchase Standard Of Best Santoku Knife - Ceramic


Published by March 10,2020

A. Ceramic

Ceramics are extremely high hardness, can be reached to 90HRC, second only to diamonds. The extremely high hardness makes it possible to manufacture with a smaller edge Angle and increased sharpness.

Ceramic best santoku knives are very hard and therefore have excellent retention and can be used for a long time without sharpening. Because of the special nature of the material, there is no rust taste after cutting, especially suitable for cutting fruit of best santoku knife.

best santoku


However, it also has disadvantages. First, it is difficult to sharpen the knife. The grindstone and blade can't deal with the high hardness ceramic knife well, so it needs to be handed over to the manufacturer or specialized persons.

And particularly cannot fall, it is very easy to break the blade with careless. It's easy to crack when you touch something hard.

Next article, we will discuss about the rolled steel of best santoku knife.

best santoku

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