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Which Knife Is The Best Knife For Chopping Vegetables


Published by May 25,2021

The last article, we discussed  what is a chef knife used for in the kitchen.

Today, we will discuss the other knives of the knives set.

5. Sashimi

It's also called a fillet knife and it's very thin (not as thin as the blade in Japan) but it's very tough and it can be pressed to close to 90 degrees, so it's very good for boning, but it's good for small fish, but it's not good for salmon.

best knife for chopping vegetables

6. Chinese Chef Knife

In order to ensure that the blade is not broken when using, the Chinese Chef Knife has a thick body and a small cutting Angle. Also because it is very thick, you have to be very careful when you use it.

best knife for chopping vegetables

7. Boning Knife

The blade is long and narrow, the tip is easy to control, and the steel used is not very hard. Generally, the stainless steel of VG10 is very high and high toughness. Meat processing, such as bone-cutting mince, and beef fascia removal are best. When used, the meat can be scraped slowly along the gap between the bone and the meat, so the knife needs to be sharpened frequently.

best knife for chopping vegetables

8. Bread Knife

Bread knife, a very long knife with a serrated edge, is mainly used to cut bread, or food with a crisp crust and soft interior, such as Italian roast. Need to pay attention not to be hurt your hand when cleaning, a bread knife is a clean kill.

best knife for chopping vegetables

9. Peeling Knife

 The use of the peeling knife is very limit, which is basically used for shaping vegetables. In the last century, French cuisine especially likes to do olive and castle vegetable dishes.

best knife for chopping vegetables

10. Utility And Paring Knife

The knife size of multi-function knife is usually 7-10cm, the larger one (Utility knife) can be used as a fruit knife, and the smaller (Paring Knife) which is best knife for chopping vegetables.

best knife for chopping vegetables

These five knives are recommended for you to buy, and they are enough for daily use. If you are the owner of the knife shop or a chef in the restaurant, it should be a total set is enough.

best knife for chopping vegetables

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