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What is the best kitchen cutting knives


Published by March 10,2020

really good chef knives


The big difference of best kitchen cutting knives use is cutting direct with food or raw material, touch with acid, alkali, salt, oil, hot water, steam, and other substances, even directly in the high temperature, high humidity conditions frequently used.


Therefore, people have high requirements for kitchen knives:

First of all, the best kitchen cutting knives must meet the requirements of safety and hygiene, which is also the most basic requirements for the kitchen knife.

Best kitchen cutting knives must conform to these standards and regulations to ensure that they are odorless, tasteless and non-toxic and do not cause contamination or damage to food. Really good chef knives should be easy to clean, antivirus and sterilize.


really good chef knives


Secondly, best kitchen cutting knives with the acid, alkaline substances in food, oil, salt, soy sauce, and other condiments contact, must have good corrosion resistance and chemical stability, even in the hot water, hot oil, steam, under the condition of high temperature and thermal radiation, best kitchen cutting knives should not produce or release harmful to human body health, should not damage the food flavor and nutrients.

Really good chef knives must not rust or be damaged.


best kitchen cutting knives


Third, best kitchen cutting knives should have abrasion resistance. Due to the particularity of cooking process and environment, the thermal wear and corrosion wear of kitchen knives are obvious, especially the frequency of use, but also to have good wear resistance, prevent excessive wear, prevent the friction of metal particles into the food.

Fourth, really good chef knives should have the standardization, universalization, and multi-function, and should be simple in structure, flexible in operation and easy to maintain.

Finally, best kitchen cutting knives will be meet the specified strength, steeliness, hardness requirements.


best kitchen cutting knives




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