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Important Notes of Best Home Kitchen Knives


Published by March 10,2020

best home kitchen knives

Unless it's a Chinese style knife, don't use it to pat garlic. Because High hardness best home kitchen knives toughness is limited, it maybe will be a break. You can put the knife on the garlic, with the hand pressure knife body to garlic squashed.


Do you know what is the main reason to breaks down the best home kitchen knives blade? It is the chopping block. Do not use the bamboo cutting boards, because it is a too hard surface. If you choose the German knives, it is better with a square wooden cutting board.


very sharp kitchen knives


Use knife is very important because it is a very sharp kitchen knife with high-quality.

Make sure the cutting board is put on a stable and flat place. Place a damp towel between the table and the board to prevent it from slipping and cutting your fingers.


When you walk around with a knife, be sure to keep the tip of the knife down, close to your thigh, and see no one else around you to avoid the blade touching others. As it is very sharp kitchen knives, Be careful your hands!

best home kitchen knives

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