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11 Secret Of The Best Chefs Knifes By FASAKA

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    Published by March 10,2020

    Q1: What can be used to sharpen the best chefs knifes in life?

    A: It should be using a knife sharpener if you have. If not, you can use a grindstone to do it by yourself. Now the best chefs knifes is usually equipped with a knife sharpener.

     If you don't have any of these, you can try to grind them back and forth on the bottom edge of the plate.

    best chefs knifes


    Q2: How to calculate the sharpness of the best chefs knifes?

    A: There is an important index in the cutting tool industry - hardness, three points are most commonly used: Brinell hardness (HB), Rockwell hardness (HRC) and Vickers hardness (HV).

    Generally, Rockwell hardness is used to measure the hardness of the blade, that is, HRC value. Generally, the hardness of a good knife blade should be 50~60 Rockwell hardness. In short, the hardness is higher, the wear resistance is higher as well, but the bad thing is brittleness higher.

    best chefs knifes


    Q3: What is the relationship between the best chefs knifes sharpness and the material?

    A: It is the big relationship between the sharp degree and material, but the sharp knife does not depend on the higher of steel hardness for manufacturing. If check the knife is good or bad, it has considered the heat treatment of materials and what materials used and choose the strong toughness, wear resistance, etc.


    best chefs knifes


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