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2019 FASAKA Brands Top Kitchen Utensil Design


Published by March 10,2020


2018, DKS discuss with the foreign design team and focus on the kitchen knife & kitchenware design what is new function and more suitable for the kitchen using.


2019, DKS will keep making more new and famous kitchen utensil design product to you.


kitchen utensil design

kitchen utensil design


In 2019, DKS group will make a kitchen utensil design with France kitchenware designer in 3-4 new quality kitchen products. We will research the market requirement, well understand the whole market trends for quality kitchen utensils.


designer kitchenware

designer kitchenware


DKS group, FASAKA brands have 20 years experiences of manufacturing and trading, but we are very clear we don’t want to only make the general kitchen utensil design to our valued customer.


Please look forward to our new product design for 2019!


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